Why the GrassBlock?

The best server ever! Lightweight is the way!

Faster than Flash

We are hosted with a great hosting! Our package is the best one so you won't experience lag or crashes that interrupts the gameplay.

Locally play

Near to you! As we have no lag, the ping is also extremely low. Seems you're playing locally!

Guaranteed fun.

Find the love of your Minecraft. Play with us and increase


Oud nieuws op nieuw papier!


Some features of our Server!

Great Economy

Our economy is very balanced! There is no way to be very rich or very poor.
Buy items from the Villagers' tents and invest in your adventure!

Towny System

Buy your own house today! TheGrassBlock runs with the greatest Towny system.
Build your house in our city today!

Friendly PVP

TheGrassBlock has daily PvP Events just for fun!
Bring your friends and let's practice together!
Are you ready to show us your abilities?

Ons team!


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Rakaan is de eigenaar van HobbelCraft. En niet te vergeten kompleet gestoord!

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Jupiterbe ....

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Gandalf is our First Server Admin. Makes every player inspired. Gandalf also uses the magic to Setup every server coner!

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Player3 is the Eye of Police! Pay atention to every place! Don't use Hacks! Don't go against the Rules! She'll make Justice!

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Other exampe to exemplify the example. The card lines should give 1 line on mobile or 4 cards on desktop.